MI TV 4A PRO 32 inch best review India - May 2020


Model NameL32M5-AL
Model Year2019
Item Weight3.9 Kg
Product Dimensions73.2 x 8 x 47.8 cm
Item model numberL32M5-AL
Ram Memory Installed Size1 GB
Operating SystemOfficial Android
Hardware InterfaceHDMI, USB
Graphics CoprocessorMali-450 MP3 up to 750MHz
Response Time6.5 Milliseconds
Included Components1 LED TV, 1 Table Top Stand, 1 User Manual, 1 Warranty Card, 1 Remote Control, 1 Power Cable / Power Supply Adapter
Number Of Items1
Display TechnologyLED
Screen Size32 Inches
Display TypeLED
Image Aspect Ratio16:09
Image Contrast Rationot available
Supported Image TypeJPEG, PNG, TIFF, RAW
Screen Resolution1366 x 768 pixels
Display Resolution Maximum1366x768 Pixels
Supported Audio Formatmp3_audio, wma
Speaker Surround Sound Channel ConfigurationDolby+ DTS-HD
Power SourceAC
Batteries IncludedNo
Batteries RequiredNo
Refresh Rate60 hertz
Total Usb Ports2
Connector TypeWi-Fi
Maximum Operating Distance10 Feet
Mounting TypeWall Mount
Digital Media FormatDVD-Video
Supports Bluetooth TechnologyYes

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Price:₹ 12,499.00

When buying MI TV 4A PRO 32 inch a new TV the most important specs is its resolution…its size, and its price. For this video I’m going to assume that the resolution that you want…Is 4K and after that you should get the TV that has the largest screen size possible While staying in your budget, of course, whether that’s 500 bucks or 3000 dollars recently spent just under $800 on a 65″ 4K LG TV Which I got at Target after my wife spotted it on Slick deals with a very nice discount Who by the way I would not like to thank for sponsoring this video. MI TV 4A PRO 32 inch Point being that I thought you guys might like to hear what my other qualifications for a good future ready 4K TV were before I made this purchase Since it’s probably a popular upgrade item this holiday seasons here are my four rules for buying a 4K TV.

 Rule #1 MI TV 4A PRO 32 inch is Seek the Ideal Inputs for most people this means at least three HDMI 2.0a inputs With at least one that is HDCP 2.2 ready had mi 2.0 a will give you support for 4K @ 3840 x 2160. MI TV 4A PRO 32 inch resolution as an input also HDR, wide color gamut, and all that at up to 60 frames-per-second HDCP is high-bandwidth digital content protection and although you might not like. MI TV 4A PRO 32 inch will need that if we want to have support for playing back copyright protected content from an had  enabled source would also like to throw out display port here as a potential ideal input but unfortunately a lot of HD TV’s or 4K HD TV’s do not have display port as an input You would want display port 1.4 ideally and that would actually be much more common If you’re buying a 4K PC monitor but let me know in the comments if you actually find a good full-size 4K TV that has a display port input because, honestly, I would much prefer that to HDMI 2.0a or whatever if it’s available.

 Rule #2 is Have Drake sure your new TV has HDR support this is going to separate models that came out this year and last year From models that came out prior to thatch.. Earlier 4k TVs because this is a more recent developmental… often this will be listed alongside wide color gamut with high dynamic range, source material, and inputs to an HDR ready TV. The TV can display a much broader range of color sand much like the jump from 1080 to 4K I think its display technology that makes a big difference. especially, when you are viewing it side-by-side with a non HDR TV. And it is worth being ready for.

  • Resolution: HD Ready Android TV (1366x768) | Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
  • Connectivity: 3 HDMI ports to connect set top box, Blu Ray players, gaming console | 2 USB ports to connect hard drives and other USB devices
  • Sound: 20 Watts Output | Dolby+ DTS-HD
  • Smart TV Features : Built-In Wi-Fi | PatchWall | Netflix | Prime Video | Disney+Hotstar and more | Android TV 9.0 | Google Assistant | Data Saver
  • Display : LED Panel | Vivid Picture engine
  • Warranty Information: 1 year warranty on product and 1 year extra on Panel
  • Installation/Wall mounting/demo will be arranged by Amazon Home Services or Xiaomi service partner. For more information, please call Mi support on 1800-103-6286
  • Easy returns: This product is eligible for replacement within 10 days of delivery in case of any product defects, damage or features not matching the description provided

Rule #3 is Know Your Panel Technology. That’s what the screen is made of and what lights it up. The screen makes the colors, the lights, lights those colors up. I’m going to keep this simple; not dive into too many technical details I’ll just tell you what’s good and what’s not as good The best technology right now for your panel is O-L-E-That’s just the best available. LED stands for organic light-emitting diode it doesn’t require a backlight it’s just the panel which is the pixels that create the colorant then they also light up so you don’t need a backlight for it. So they can be thinner, they use less power they can also be expensive though although they are much cheaper than they were last year. Or, especially, a few years ago. The second best technology for your panel is LCD in the front and LED in the back. So the LCD creates the colors and then an LED behind it shines through and lights it up. Now LED backlight technology does have a few variations so we’ll start with that from relatively worst, to best, we’ll start with LED edge lit displays that are actually what I got. It’s not terrible but it’s just not as good as LED full array panels edge lit is the relatively worst. Step up to full array and that puts LEDs across the entire panel…Versus just on the sides or the edges. And then the best option you can get for an LED backlight is full array plus local dimming. So you have LEDs covering the back and then it can actually dim parts of the screen that should be dark for darker scenes. That will give you much deeper blacks…as well as the best contrast ratio available now that’s the backlight but what about the panel itself? That’s the LCD in front. There are four main LCD types you will probably see out there TN VA and then IPS or PLS which are both kind of in the same category IPS and PLS are generally the best when it comes to LCD display panels… that’s what I got, IPS, it generally gives the best color depth.VA is also an okay standard too. That’s vertical alignment. And then ‘standard’, pretty much, is TN that would come in last but again it’s still perfectly adequate it’s just…you know when you’re buying technology there’s always stuff a little bit better. So again for worst to best TN, VA, and then IPS or Puts.

Rule #4: Resist the Curves this is just a pretty basic idea. Curved TV’s suck. They’re made for group watching at least large TV’s usually are but with a curved television There’s really only a very small sweet spot that you can sit in and it’s much harder to move around and watch from off angles. Curved monitors, like this one, are okay though since usually it’s just one person sitting and you can sit right in front of it. And that’s much better just never really liked uh… curved TVs and like 3D TV’s never really caught on with me. So I don’t think that’s something important that you should look for. So when my wife found that deal I applied these rules and I ended up with this TV. The price was right and my only compromise was the panel…Which is an IPS LCD with LED edge lighting instead of an OLED but that’s still a huge jump up in size and quality from our old TV which was a 47 & quota; 1080 by JVC. If I added a fifth rule here will be to make sure the TV has VESA mount support for wall mounting. I grabbed an articulating wall mount from Mono price for ours so i can still pull it out from the wall and get back there at the inputs if I need to but most all large TVs do have VESA mounting points so I didn’t feel like including that as a rule. To wrap things up though I have searched the holiday deals that are going on right now and I found a few 4k TVs that I feel meet these requirements I have posted Amazon links to those down in the description. You can check those out but just click on them and check the model number and then definitely check other retailers as well because there’s a ton of deals going on right now for black Friday.

MI TV 4A PRO 32 inch

Mi 80 cm 32 inches 4A Pro HD 1
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Price:₹ 12,499.00



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