Before looking into trends in service marketing lets know about what is service marketing. Service marketing in simple words is selling a product which do not have physical existence using different sets of tactics and strategy which meet customer requirements and satisfy customer needs. Hotel and tourism industries are very good example of service marketing. Service marketing can be classified into product oriented or people oriented.

Amidst the 2020 pandemic situation service sector is kind of facing lot of challenges in the market but one service sector in technology like AI,VR,AR  is really booming and setting trend in service sector

#1 chatbots

Posh Chatbots

In all online business and websites we can see a chatbot(AI)  which is used to make conversation with customer by clarifying customer basic query and also collects primary data of customer like name, mail address. These chatbots helps both business employee and customer, it reduce employee time by answering frequently asked questions and fixing appointment.

# 2 VR and AR

AR VR HumansMachinesUnite Header

In recent years both Virtual reality and augmented reality becoming massively popular, which helps to connect virtual world. Amidst the pandemic AR is suppressing VR, already lot of industries started to use AR in their business. Indian corporate giant JIO is planning to provide service like augmented classroom for schools, colleges in education sector .IKEA is already has app which allows customer to visualize the piece of furniture would look in their home before purchasing.

#3 user generated content

63 user generated content

One of popular way of marketing products without any advertising cost is user generated content, it is nothing but positive review about product which we purchased, interacting with customer who already made purchase will better able persuade the customer who is looking buy product.

#4 customised products and services


Personalization of products and services are becoming popular now days. Customers are more attracted to these kind of products or services which is fully customised based on their customer needs and requirements.


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